Stalmax Stalmax is a producer of special articles and coatings. Stalmax is a family company established by Jeż Stanisław and Jeż Robert in 1998, located in Piątkowiec. Stalmax originated on the basis of the Stalbig company existing since 1982, situated in Wadowice Górne 90.

The area of our grounds and building is 8.8 ha, the area of the buildings: 4,331.9 m2.

Stalmax is the producer of screws, fasteners mainly for the automotive and carpentering branches. We produce a very wide assortment of screw products, including a lot of special articles according to the requirements and on the clients’ request as well as the given technical documentation. They are characterised by the high geometric accuracy and the appropriate properties.

STALMAX - Jeż Stanisław, Jeż Robert - Spółka Jawna
Piątkowiec 55 B, 39-308 Wadowice Górne, NIP: 871-15-17-351
phone +48 14 666-11-11, fax +48 14 666-11-12